1. "I once had a dream, or a vision, and I imagined that dream to be of importance to other people, so I wrote the manuscript and made the film. But it is not until the moment when my dream meets with your emotions and your minds that my shadows come to life. It is your recognition that brings them to life. It is your indifference that kills them. I hope that you will understand; that you when you leave the cinema will take with you an experience or a sudden thought—or maybe a question. The efforts of my friends and myself have then not been in vain…" — Ingmar Bergman

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  2. dopgifs:

    When I quote the first half of a famous movie line on set and none of the crew finish it.



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    When I’m still lighting a shot and the AD says that whatever happens we’ll be turning over in 2 minutes.


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    DEVO: Mark Mothersbaugh, Feeling Magazine, 1978

  5. The 400 Blows (1959)

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